15 de fev de 2012

being afraid

"I don't remember the exact moment when I went from liking you, to loving you. I don't even think it was while we were still dating. I think it was after, after we'd been apart.

But I do remember when I went from loving you, to that ridiculous, head over heels, heart physically aches, what so many artists sing about, writers scribble about, kind of love... And quite frankly, it shocked me. There... was this energy, running through my whole body, that just made me want you, all of you. I couldn't deny it, or hide from it. I let it wash over me. I missed you, and you were about five feet from me.

But with it, came the greatest fear I've ever known.

I'm afraid you won't. I'm afraid you’re too concerned with not doing the wrong things, that you will end up missing the chance to do the right things. I'm afraid you are waiting for a sign that isn't going to come. I'm afraid you won't ever take a chance on me.

For me, this is easy. I'm not afraid to lead with my heart. I'm not afraid to show my emotions, to be honest, to be vulnerable. True love deserves that.

This is a risk. I want to take it with you. I just wish you'd want to take it with me...”


*P.S.: Não faço a mínima idéia de quem seja o autor desse texto que achei na internet... E minha vontade de traduzi-lo é igual a ZERO. Apenas o achei perfeito... colocando-o em algum local no tempo pretérito da minha vida.

O tempo presente está bem distante disso e, ao mesmo tempo, bem próximo... Paradoxos da vida e do cinismo que chega, cedo ou tarde, diante dela...